WWIM : Abhisheki, Jitendra Bhikaji


Record ID
Data No 0008
Text WWIM02
page 001
C or H H
Musician ID 0009
Musician ID 2
Full name Abhisheki, Jitendra Bhikaji
Religion H
Gender M
Date of birth described 14-9-1933
Year of Birth Described 1933
City of residence Bombay, M.R.
State of residence MH
gharana Agra
Institute 誕生月日が同じなので同一人物と判断したが、生年は0005は1930年、1456は1933年としており、住所も異なる。(田中)
Academic career B.A.
Experience abroad U.S.A. & England.
Notes in the text Homi Bhabha Fellow.
Also Thumri.
Recordings Y
guru Azmat Hussei Khan
Jagannathbua PUrohit
Personal ID P05975
Vocal 1 khyal
Vocal 2 Others
Vocal 3
Instrument 1
Instrument 2
Instrument 3
script ID 1456