WWIM : Chaubey, Lakxhman Prasad


Record ID
Data No 0239
Text WWIM02
page 024
C or H H
Musician ID 0005
Musician ID 2
Full name Chaubey, Lakxhman Prasad
Religion H
Gender M
Date of birth described 1-1-1909
Year of Birth Described 1909
City of residence (Mathura, U.P.)
State of residence UP
gharana (Gwalior)
Academic career Sangeet Visharad
Experience abroad
Notes in the text Also dhamar, Haveli Sangit, Ashatpadi, Vanashparampras.
Position held : Music Producer, All India Radio, 1958-59.
Awards Sangeet Naktak Akademi Award.
guru Chanddan Chaubey
RajaBhaiya Poonchwale
Ganpatji Chaturvedi
Personal ID
Vocal 1 dhrupad
Vocal 2 Others
Vocal 3
Instrument 1
Instrument 2
Instrument 3
script ID 1687