This is the index for all the raga names that have appeared in the MAM database and AIR database. There are 1270 ragas in total, divided into 606 Hindustani ragas (HR001 to HR606) and 664 Carnatic ragas (CH001 to CH664). HR000 and CR000 seem to be incorrect or have unusual names. HR999 and CR999 have plural names or are ragamala/ragamalika. The spellings are unified according to certain standards.

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Raga ID Raga name AIR Count MAM Count
CR120 jayanta sri 6 37
CR121 jayasamvara dhani
CR122 jivantika 1
CR123 jevantini
CR124 jala varali
CR125 jhankara dhvani 1
CR126 syam kalyani 13 1
CR127 jyoti svarupini 1 12
CR128 kaikavasi 1 15
CR129 kalgada 20
CR130 kalakanthi 3
CR131 kalanidhi 4 17
CR132 kalyana vasantam 9 47
CR133 kalyani 160 1024
CR134 kama vardhani 17
CR135 kambhoji 90 735
CR136 kanakangi 1 2
CR137 kannada 19 178
CR138 kantamani 1 14
CR139 kapi jangla